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'Redbrick36' architecture is simplicity with clean, crisp lines defining the masses. The Architectural expression is to create solid, undisturbed wall faces distinct from fenestration faces. As is so often the case in contemporary architecture, the façade is an amalgamation or coming together of these distinct faces. 

Use of traditional material like brick with glass in the façade creates an interesting play of contrasts. 

The material expression is a mix of modern & traditional materials such as exposed brick. The rustic appeal of natural brick combined with glass & Stainless Steel creates a modern aesthetic. The building railings, made in Stainless Steel, are inspired from traditional Jalis and made more like a screen than a railing. This contrasting play of modern & traditional materials used creatively creates a simple, modern aesthetic and has an attractive appeal. 

Typology - Commercial Building

Address - Sec 83, Noida
Plot Area – 800 sqm 
Built-up Area – 1,600 sqm 
Scope –  Comprehensive Architectural & Interior Design

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